3. A Million Dollararns

September 27, 2019

Trevor receives an unexpected guest, prompting him to confront his fears. Seshat attends to official business. Eve offers Trevor the chance to solve a puzzle. The creature begins its ritual.

Starring Alexander V. Thompson, Marianna McClellan, William McNulty, Jenna Krasowski, and Chris Clavelli. Written and created by Alexander V. Thompson. Directed by Devin Shepherd. Produced by Devin Shepherd, Gabriel Rosenstein, and Nora Unkel. Sound Design by Gina Zdanowicz. Production assistance by Hannah Roze and Stephany Barbalho. A production of Wild Obscura Films. Theme song is Joanna by Mary Esther Carter. Original cover art by Dave Abel. Additional music by Crushing Crayons, and additional sound effects thanks to StoryBlocks Audio. This podcast was supported by the Made in NY Media Center through the IFP Fellowship.

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